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Aon Health Coverage Resources

Aon Health Coverage Resources

Through the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in 2014, an estimated 30 million U.S. residents who previously lacked health care coverage were offered access to insurance through public programs such as the Health Insurance Marketplace or Medicaid. As a result, since October 2013, over 8 million people have enrolled in coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace or Medicaid . In fact, due to the availability of federal subsidies, many employers are looking to transition a portion of their employee population to state and federal marketplaces.

Unfortunately, many Americans who qualify for these new options are unaware of the changes to their eligibility and their choices for health care coverage. In fact, among those Americans who lack health insurance and are therefore primary targets for the state and federal marketplaces, 71% say they are "not too familiar" or "not familiar at all" with them. Additionally, given the complexity of the rollout of the Health Insurance Marketplace, most employers are seeing an increase in questions and concerns from employees, especially from those who are not eligible for employer-sponsored coverage.

Aon Health Coverage Resources is an interactive website that can help individuals understand the PPACA (e.g., what it is and how it impacts them), determine their eligibility for public health care programs and enroll in health care coverage. As a result, employers can offer part-time, contract and COBRA employees a supported path to coverage while minimizing their administrative burden.

Aon Health Coverage Resources

Aon Health Coverage Resources was designed to help individuals understand their options under PPACA, determine which programs they may qualify for and ultimately enroll in health care coverage through programs like the state and federal exchanges. This comprehensive solution includes:

  • Online Education: Our interactive and educational website includes information about the various public programs available to individuals including state and federal exchanges, Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and other state health care programs. Content is delivered in easy-to-understand language while easy-to-use modeling tools and resources help individuals compare coverage options on the state and federal marketplaces and through programs like COBRA. Consumers can also determine their eligibility based on each program’s requirements.
  • Enrollment Services: Aon Health Coverage Resources can also help facilitate individual enrollment in health care coverage through the public exchanges or Medicare. For enrollment through the public exchanges, Aon has partnered with eHealth, Inc., the nation’s leading online marketplace for individual and family health insurance. eHealth provides a consumer-friendly online shopping experience that enables individuals to research, analyze, compare and purchase from a broad selection of health plans online. In some states, this may include those qualified health plans available through state and federal health insurance exchanges. To date, eHealth has enrolled more than 4 million people in health insurance coverage in individual health plans.
  • Employer Communications: In addition to offering website customization and branding, Aon Health Coverage Resources includes specific content about the employer’s benefit strategy and provide personalized communication services to help raise awareness and maximize use of the tools available through Health Coverage Resources.
  • Customer Service: Recognizing that many individuals may have additional questions and/or need help beyond education and enrollment, Aon offers call center support and advocacy services to help individuals handle claims and billing disputes.

To learn more about how to offer this valuable resource to your employees and minimize your administrative burden, please contact us.

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