Why PeerTracker?

PeerTracker takes the guess work out of performance-based equity awards with relative TSR metrics. Plan designers and award recipients alike benefit from real-time views of corporate performance and potential award payouts, saving time, reducing communication expense and minimising confusion about what it takes to drive peak results.

Key PeerTracker benefits include:

  • Aon’s Global Relative TSR Survey: Aon continues to be committed to strengthening the linkage between pay for performance, and are focused on designing excellent RTSR plans with only the choicest data. Our global RTSR survey will focus on all regions, and will be a free add-on benefit for all of our existing clients. The annual survey will focus on specific design nuances that are not accessible through regulatory filings, and will highlight year over year trends.
  • Drive Performance: Successful communication of performance-based awards can mean the difference between above and below target payouts; with PeerTracker, every award recipient has continuous access to the plan design details and market performance data you want them to see
  • Leverage Reliable Data: PeerTracker is powered by S&P’s Capital IQ system, which accesses market data for more than 58,000 international companies in over 180 different currencies
  • Calculate with Confidence: Our platform includes numerous quality control processes; you can rest easy knowing your plans are audited on a quarterly basis and certified at the conclusion of the performance period (Click here for a sample certification).
  • Tracking Expertise: Our team has administered more than 600 plans through PeerTracker, developing extensive expertise and hundreds of customised communication and reporting solutions along the way
  • Easy Financial Reporting: Access historical performance data through PeerTracker to determine expected vesting amounts at the end of reporting periods

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Our team of equity valuation experts frequently works with HR and finance leaders to assist them with relative TSR plan design. To learn more about our approach, explore our latest thinking below:

Educational Videos

A Guide to Calculating Total Shareholder Return (TSR)

A Guide to Calculating Percentile Rank

Understanding Currency Conversions for Your Performance Plan

PeerTracker Videos

Welcome to PeerTracker 3.0

Behind the Firewall: How PeerTracker Works

Best Practices for Managing Peer Groups in PeerTracker

Relative TSR Insights

Sample Sites

Every PeerTracker site we build is customised to meet the demands of your specific plan design requirements. To see this in action, visit one of our sample sites below:

  • Sample 1 – Relative TSR Plan
    This sample site represents the most common relative TSR plan type, three overlapping relative TSR awards. In this case, Company ABC is competing against the components of the FTSE 100.
  • Sample 2 – Multiple Metric Plans
    Many LTI plans use multiple performance metrics, and in this sample site we illustrate awards where 50% of the LTI plan vests based on relative TSR and another 50% vests via EPS growth.
  • Sample 3 – Outperform Plans
    For this plan, our sample site illustrates three overlapping outperform TSR awards, where Company ABC is competing against the FTSE 250 Index as a whole.
  • Sample 4 – Global Peer Group Plans
    As business becomes more global, some firms now pick peer groups with companies traded on foreign exchanges. In this case, the Company ABC competes against 26 peers covering 8 distinct currencies.

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