Webinar Commodity Trading & Cyber (Replay)


How to handle commodity trading cyber risks

On Tuesday the 17th of March we have broadcasted a webinar: How to handle commodity trading cyber risks".

The importance for every commodity trader of knowing where you stand in terms of cyber resilience.

The threat of a cyber-attack is one of the most consequential risks facing mid-market organisations. The commodity trading companies face it by virtue of their reliance on information technology, connectivity and automated processes. Despite the evolving cyber threats, many companies remain unprepared for a cyber-attack.

Key obstacles include minimal resources, system complexities and no cyber awareness However, it is crucial for the organisations to understand where their stand in terms of cyber security and what are the simple measures they can take to drastically improve their cyber posture.

Join our 30 minute webinar and learn how to:

  • Navigate the cyber threat landscape
  • Gain instant visibility into your cyber risk posture
  • Obtain clear, actionable strategies for remediation
  • Understand how you compare to industry peers

This webinar will give you in depth insights of specific scenario’s for commodity trading companies


  • Cristina Stamate, Cyber Risk Consultant, Aon Cyber Solutions
  • Maarten de Jonge, Managing Consultant Cyber & Privacy, Aon Cyber Solutions
  • Rutger van der Hoeven, Managing Director – Commodity Industry Practice

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