Commodity Industry Practice


Minimise your risks, optimise your opportunities and empower your results

Leading a successful commodity trading organisation is far more complex today than it ever was. Trading firms face challenges in many fields such as funding, price volatility, counter party risks, quality, reliability, compliance, reputation, and politics. Full control over these risks is essential to operate at maximum capacity.

Aon’s commodity industry practice specialises in every type of commodity – such as energy, oil, grains, metals, and steel – and their associated risks. Our team is dedicated to finding the best risk solutions for every transaction, anywhere in the world.

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Risks, claims and opportunities
We aim to build a strong partnership with you to create tailored risk management programs and to empower your business. As well as our bespoke marine cargo solutions, we advise on all other relevant risks such as financial, political and cyber risks. Aon’s united way of working allows us to share our global knowledge and worldwide network with you.

We are a full-service broker meaning we deliver tailor made risk and insurance solutions, operational excellence, IT systems and full claims handling services. Additionally, we offer many extra services such as risk reporting, market updates and news flashes.

Aon United:
Headquartered in one of the traditional trading hubs of Amsterdam, we also have teams in all the world’s important global trading hubs including Geneva, Dubai, Singapore, New York and London. Our unique operating model allows us to grant you access to all markets and ensure you are always ahead of the curve with regards to insights on possible innovations to your risk programs.

We look forward to working with you.