The Aon Difference

The Aon Difference
Aon Insights Series UK

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May 31, 2024 5 mins

The Aon Difference

How Aon is moving further, faster to bring new, innovative solutions that address companies’ risk and people challenges.

Looking back on the sessions and discussions with clients over the course of this year’s Aon Insights Series UK, one theme in particular became apparent: Businesses are tackling new levels of volatility and interconnectivity in their risk and people decisions.

On the risk side, trends such as cyber security, economic volatility and climate are all increasing the total cost of risk. And then on the people side, there are more interconnected risks — such as making sure you have the best people with the most appropriate skills and designing a fair and manageable benefits and pay structure.

All this means that we at Aon have to move further and faster to bring new, innovative solutions that address these risk and people challenges. And that is the rationale behind the next stage in the evolution of our Aon United strategy — the 3x3 Plan — which we rolled out late last year.

Our 3x3 Plan is enabling our firm to accelerate our Aon United strategy with a focus on three commitments over the next three years:

  1. Leveraging Risk Capital and Human Capital to unlock new integrated solutions across our core business that address emerging client demand
  2. Embedding the Aon Client Leadership model across our Enterprise Client and Large & Middle Market segments to further strengthen and expand our client relationships
  3. Accelerating our Aon Business Services plan to set a new standard for service delivery and next generation analytical tools

These commitments, and the steps we have taken, help our clients act now on risk and people issues. Our analytic capabilities deliver innovative new tools and distinctive service to unlock actionable insights and provide our clients with better options. Our integrated structure and capabilities mean that our clients are better advised within, and across, their risk and people strategies. And, finally, we’re using our global capability to deliver locally relevant solutions, giving our clients the clarity and confidence to protect and grow their businesses.

Thank you for taking part in this, our first Aon Insights Series UK. We hope you all found the day useful and helped you — as the theme of our event states — to find the clarity and confidence to make better decisions.

Article by
  • Jane Kielty
    CEO, Aon UK

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